Small countries are worrying over Russia’s and China’s territorial grabs

Small countries are worrying over Russia’s and China’s territorial grabs

SINGAPORE—By appearances, this tiny island nation has little to worry about—it is an economic and military powerhouse in which one in six citizens is a millionaire.
But leading Singaporeans are raising a substantial fear—of attack by one of their larger, less-affluent, and sometimes-angry neighbors. The concern is a potential contagion from events thousands of miles away in the South China Sea and Europe, where China and Russia are forcing their will and swallowing the territory of their own smaller neighbors.
“When we see something like Crimea, it sends shivers down our spine because you fear that someone can just come and take you over,” said Patrick Daniel, editor-in-chief of Singapore Press Holdings.
Military trouble for Singapore seems far-fetched. Its military is far stronger and more purposeful than those of its natural nearby rivals, Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore spends 20% of its government budget on its military, making any war improbable and, even if one happened, likely to be short-lived.
In a March speech to parliament, Singapore foreign minister K. Shanmugan said the lesson of Ukraine is that “international guarantees count for nothing. You have to be able to defend yourself.” That is easier said than done.
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  1. Willy Stucky sagt:

    Die im Artikel genannten 20% der Staatsausgaben Singapurs für die Verteidigung sind äusserst interessant. Ich weiss zwar nicht, wieviel Prozent Bund, Kantone und Gemeinden (inklusive Erwerbsersatzordnung) für die Verteidigung ausgeben, aber ich weiss, dass die linken Armee-Abschaffer schon wieder ein brennendes Problem auf den Tisch gebracht haben, nämlich den fehlenden Vaterschaftsurlaub, der selbstverständlich über die Erwerbsersatz-Versicherung zu berappen sei. Ein Staat der sich mit solchen brennenden Problemen befasset, kommt früher oder später auf die Welt – vermutlich zu spät…

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